Seekers Path: Two Year Program

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The Seekers Path in Reflections Mystery School provides fundamental training, education, and community in esoteric sciences, shamanic practices, subtle sciences, and soul work.

The Seekers Path builds a solid foundation for those interested in encountering mystery and deepening spiritual work. 

Seekers is a two-year, rolling admissions program which explores topics such as tarot, the elements, divination, trance, dreams, and much more. 

We provide online access for all our classes

Learn More About the Seekers Path and how to sign up here.

Sun & Moon: Celestial Paths for Advanced Training

old world artistic rendering of the sun and moonThe Celestial Paths (Sun and Moon) are designed for intermediate to advanced esoteric practitioners who seek more structure and balance within their practice. It provides advanced training, mentorship and community for those who seek a spiritual vocation.

The Moon Path of Personal Transformation is a one-year program and focuses on developing a spiritual practice through a tested training structure. 

The Sun Path of Apprenticeship is a four-year program designed to deepen spiritual development and vocational practice over time. This path includes annual requirements such as projects, attending classes, and sequestered weekends,

Both Celestial Paths include a book study, monastic weekends, mentoring, daily/weekly spiritual practices, and yearly thematic journeys. 

Learn more about the Celestial Paths and how to apply here.

About Reflections Mystery School

reflections mystery school - tree reflected in lake at nightReflections Mystery School is the answer to a set of specific questions.

How do I create a life, a vocation, and a spiritual path that weaves the threads of my beliefs, values, dreams, skills, experience and knowledge?

How can I grow and develop and evolve into my authentic self while engaging both in the world and the portals between the worlds?

How do I find, embrace and pay attention to my growing edge?

How do I find and relate to others on this path?

If you seek answers to these questions, then maybe Reflections is the place for you.

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